Glennifer Braes Run

This morning I was joined by Steven, David and Norman for a run on the Braes.  Norman hasn’t run on the route before and made the mistake of wearing road shoes!  I opted for my Inov-8 X-Talons and I was glass I did as it was very muddy after all the rain we had yesterday.

We chatted the whole way round and the time flew by.  We paused at the trig point to take a photo …

braes - 11 mayAs you can see from the photo I wasn’t sent the memo about having to wear a yellow top!!

My 2 week taper now starts and my plan is to run every other day so Tues, Thurs, Sat, Mon and Wed.  I might put in a few faster miles to keep things interesting but basically just easy running to give my legs time to recover and get ready for running 110 miles.

I have now run 967.66 miles this year and I reckon I’ll be on 990 by the time the HM 110 race starts.

2014 miles - 11 may

Thanks for those who have sent in a guess for my ‘Guess My Time’ Competition.  I have 29 entries so far.


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2 Responses to Glennifer Braes Run

  1. DebsM-C says:

    26:02. That was my Lakeland time. Hope taper is going well.

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