Following the Hardmoors 110

I went for my final easy run before Saturday’s BIG race.  We had an athletics event for 130 P6 children today so once again I was on my feet all day but it was great and I loved it! The sun shone all day which always helps when you are outside!

I ran with Katrina and we chatted about the weekend and our plans. Katrina is looking forward to running the last 12 miles from Scarborough with me.  I really hope I’m still able to run after 100miles and keep up with her!

So that’s my physical training for the Hardmoors 110 done. I’m really happy with my training since the HM55 so go into the race with my confidence high.  I’m in work tomorrow but it’s an inservice day for the teachers so I’ll be in my office so it won’t be very taxing!

We are both off on Friday so we going to leave after breakfast.  We’ll take our time and I want to go via Saltburn and Scarborough to show Katrina where the checkpoints are.  We’ll then head to Helmsley to register and camp for the night.

If you want to follow my progress throughout the race you can! I’ve hired a tracker which will show you were I am throughout the race.  Here is the link ….

The race starts at 8am on Saturday morning. If you look at the post with my splits then you should be able to see whether I’m on my sub 27hr plan. A number of other runners will also hired one but not everyone so my given position will only be out of those who have a tracker.

The Hardmoors 160 race starts at 5pm on Friday at Scarborough. Their route goes over the hills to Helmsley and then joins the 110 route.  They have to be through Helmsley by the time we start at 8am (15hrs). Anyway if you want to follow them their tracker site is

I now have 53 guesses for my ‘Guess My Time’ Competition.  If you still want to enter you have until 6pm tomorrow (Thursday night).

I’m not going to run with my iPhone but I will have a cheap Samsung as it’s part of the required kit.  If you want to send me a text during the race the number is 07798 881124

I won’t be able to reply until after the race but I always enjoy reading them as it does spur me on.  Please put your name as I don’t have many numbers in the phone so it won’t recognise your number!

One of my pre-race traditions is a hair cut.  So last night Katrina gave me a number 2 all over ….hair cut


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4 Responses to Following the Hardmoors 110

  1. Hi John,

    I’m just been doing some more work on analysis our HR vs race distance data and for you I fitted an exponential model of HR and speed to your Hardmoor 30 and 55 races, extrapolating this to 110 miles we get a time of 26:37 with an average HR of 124bpm.

    It’s worth taking this projection with a pinch or two of salt, as it’s just based on two races, and I don’t know how well the race course for each of these races matches up to the average for the whole 110 route. How fit your were and how well you raced on each of the 30 and 55 races also will have a big effect on the projection. If we had more data the model might eventually be able to give a probability of achieving a given time range rather than just having one figure, we are a long way off this though.

    I do think it probably isn’t too far off from what you are capable of, you could faster or slower than this, not just from how you feel on the day but also the weather etc. As crude as the method I would say that provides another indicator that your gold target is very reasonable, and even your platinum target isn’t far under this projection and may well be attainable if everything goes well.

    The projected time of 26:37 time is 25 minutes slower than the 26:12:05 “Guess My Time” figure I provide a few days ago so I’m a little torn whether to go with vaguely scientific analysis and just for for fun figure. I’d much rather you get close to 26:12 than 26:37 so I’ll stick with the faster time.

    Of course just finishing 110 mile race is just plain awesome, time values matter much less than this overall achievement. Best of luck with your final prep.

  2. Thanks Robert. That is another tick in my positive mental attitude I feel going into the race. If Robert thinks it’s possible to run sub 27hrs …. then it must be!! We’ll soon find out. Thanks again for spending time on this … it is really appreciated.

    • You have a lot to be confident about – training and racing has gone very well, you have heaps of experience to draw from. Forecast looks pretty benign so far, no high temperatures, and perhaps just a shower or two.

      On the pacing front it looks like going out with Gold in mind make sense, the indicators are there suggest that it’s a challenging but still very reasonable target. If you are behind the Gold splits in the first half this needn’t be anything to worry about – in the Fling I was 10 minutes behind my Gold splits at Rowardennan. Then when I turned up Beinglas I was suddenly back on track on Gold splits, and finished half way between my Gold and Platinum targets.

      From my less few ultras I’ve found the key is looking after your body as best you can and making steady progress rather hitting precise splits, if you do this well you’ll be surprised at just how long you can keep making steady progress. It’s not a heroic way to pace, but I’m pretty confident that it’s the easiest on your body and mind. The most challenging part seems to be keeping patient and confident in yourself that you can ignore all those around you charging off at the start and up hills. By quarter the way through a race the over excitement of others calms dramatically and even with a slow and steady pace you’ll be steadily over taking others and this will continue for the rest of the race.

      One thing that it is easy trap to fall into during the last quarter is slowing down because others are slowing – their negativity can rub off and validate those inner voices that want you to slow down and take it easy. If you find this happening spot it, check your HR monitor – is it above or below 124? If well below then unless you are injured or genuinely fatigued then use this as a kick up the butt, your body is handling the load fine and it’s your head that is playing games, ignore them, pick up your feet and RUN!

      If you are struggling to keep your HR around 124 then do a body and mind scan. There might be things you can do to rejig things – find caffeine kick, sugar, eat something salty, drink some more fluids, listen some uplifting music, find ways to get the adrenalin pumping again, do whatever you need to get back to doing what your body is quite capable of doing.

      Best of luck, you totally deserve to nail it and thoroughly enjoy the journey along the way.

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