Hardmoors 110 ‘Guess My Time’ guesses

My latest ‘Guess My Time’ Competition is now closed.  Thank you for all those who have entered.  If I have missed anyone please let me know!

I received 57 guesses and they breakdown as follows ..

  • 1 dnf – this is Neal’s way of challenging me to keep going no matter what.  A bit like the expression ‘break a leg’ !
  • Bronze sub 31.10 – 4 guesses
  • Silver sub 28hrs – 16 guesses
  • Gold sub 27hrs – 24 guesses
  • Platinum sub 26hrs – 12 guesses

So the majority think I’ll be able to achieve my gold medal goal!

HM110 GMT 1

HM 110 GMT 2

We are setting off after breakfast tomorrow and heading back on Monday.  I’m ready to go and looking forward to seeing how it all goes.  I’ll be writing a race report and plan to take some video clips and photos throughout the race.

Remember you can follow me via the tracker I’ll be wearing.

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