Rouken Glen 10k

For the last few days I’ve been hoping that my calf would feel okay enough to be able to run the Rouken Glen 10k. It was feeling better each day and so when we set off for the race I was feeling optimistic that I would be able to run.

I went off for a warm up to see how it felt.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t run if it was sore. It seemed okay for the first few minutes and I was thinking I could do this but once or twice I tried to push off a bit quicker and I could feel it.

So I made the sensible decision not to run and watch the race instead.  It was hard to watch a race I should be doing but it was good to have a number of friends running. It was a tough little course with quite a few cheeky hills.

We met up with Caroline before the start ….


As it’s a 2 loop course I was able to see everyone a few times which was fun.

Our friend Chris had a great run finishing in 35.16 …


Katrina was pleased with her time … I reckon just under 47mins …


Tracey, Katrina’s regular running partner, had a pb sub 50mins …. (photo blurred as she appeared too quick for me to get my iPhone ready!) …


Not sure of Caroline’s time but she was smiling for her photo! …


If I had to have an injury then now is a good time to have it.  I have a window of a few weeks before I start my build up to the Tour of Skiddaw and Hardmoors 60 so I’m going to have 10-14 days off running and hopefully my calf will clear up.

I’ll be cycling to work most days which will give me some exercise.

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