First run for a week

I decided to give myself a full week off before running again. Each day my calf felt better but the proof would be a run.

I’ve taken today off work as I volunteered to go and collect the West Highland Way Race goblets from East Kilbride.  I’m really looking forward to being involved with the race but not as a runner this year.

I’ll be at registration and the start. Then I’ll be supporting my friend Jonny until Rowardennan (about 6am).  I’m then going to hand over to Francis and Jo at their b&b in Drymen.  I’m hoping to get a few hours sleep before meeting up with Katrina at Balloch and driving up to Lundavra.

We are late substitutes for the final checkpoint on the route. Lundavra is in the middle of nowhere about 7miles from the finish.  We’ll be there from 2.30pm on Saturday until about 8am on Sunday morning.  I’m really looking forward to it!

Anyway back to my run …. I couldn’t feel anything for the first mile and as I was congratulating myself on being sensible and not running for a week.  Then over the next couple of miles I felt one of two twinges.  Nothing serious but enough to realise running nice and easy was the best option.

I hardly felt anything on my calf for the final mile so I was very happy with my run.  I’m going to take it very easy over the next two weeks and just run 2-3 times a week.  Hopefully that will be enough to clear it up completely.

It’s been a good week to have a break from running with lots going on …

  • The World Cup starting
  • Most of the group games have been great to watch
  • Sadly though England lost their first two games
  • A thrilling draw with Sri Lanka in the first Cricket Test Match
  • 3 more sessions with Mhairi – she certainly knows her stuff. She keeps saying I’m her toughest case!
  • US Open Golf – runaway win from Kaymer
  • Hollie passed her driving test today 1st time!
  • Spending time with Emma & Yonas who are back from Indonesia
  • Keeping the West Highland Way Web site uptodate
  • Doing #63 of the West Highland Way Race podcast

If you want to follow the West Highland Way Race over the weekend go to the web site and their is a live link which will have updates through the 35hrs!

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2 Responses to First run for a week

  1. Many thanks for efforts in the run up and on the day John. Knowing you and Katrina were waiting at Lundavra was treat to look forward to. Katrina sat beside me during the Ceremony so we had a good chat then too – what warmth and positivity you both lavish upon the WHW family 😉

    I got to run with Johnny Rowan between Rowardennan and Inversnaid, the initial section on the wide forest tracks was SO sociable, there was a whole gaggle of old friends reunited, new ones being made. The second half of that leg Jonny surged ahead and left us in his wake, he was at that point looking strong so it’s sad to see that he later struggled. Running 95 miles can be such and uplifting or cruel experience – no half measures.

    Jonny Duncan caused quite a stir running without a top and such a strong second half, my crew were well amused + impressed. I added some extra pace columns to the splits spreadsheet you published, Jonny’s average pace to Auchtertyre was 12:28min/mile, pace from Achtertyre was 12:11 min/mile pace, a 2.4% negative split!

    Another negative split was done by Brain Macfarlane, who ran the first half at 14:59min/mile, and second half in 14:28min/mile for a 3.5% negative split.

    My own pacing came close to tracking Jonny Duncan’s but stops to repair blisters and straining my right calf put paid to my own pacing experiment. Having to walk most of the way from KLL to Lundavra meant that previous even splits I was on became a 4.2% positive split.

    Last year nobody did a negative split, Rosie Bell came closest with a 2.8% positive split.

    Curious co-incidence Marco Cosani last year and Matt Williamson this year ran very close times and also similar first/half second splits with a 7% and 8% negative split respectively.

    Paul Giblin didn’t finish% wise as strong this year, last year he did a 11% positive split, this year 14% positive split. That fast start chasing Robbie was pretty crazy running, it’s astonishing that both didn’t slow more than they did. I don’t believe Paul has run the perfect WHW yet, sub 14hrs is not an impossible target.

    Thanks again for all your efforts with the WHWR, it provided such a great experience, enabled so many people to do what they themselves thought impossible.

    • Thanks Robert. Again interesting stats! Besides Paul and Robbie’s amazing runs John Duncan’s run really stood out to me and your stats emphasise that. I’m looking forward to reading your report!!

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