Running pain free again

This week I’ve had a couple of runs on Monday with Katrina and at lunch time today.  On Monday Katrina and I ran just over 5miles at 8.19 pace and I was really pleased that my calf didn’t hurt at all.

Today I went for an easy off road run in my Hoka Mafates.  Again just over 5miles and again my calf was absolutely fine.  So I feel I’ve got away with that little niggle.

If there is a good time to have a niggle then this was it.  I planned to have an easy few weeks before starting my build up to the Tour of Skiddaw that I’m running with Katrina on Saturday 23rd August and then the final Hardmoors race (60miles) on Saturday 20th September.

So my plan is another couple of easy runs this week (Friday and Sunday) and then another easy 4 runs next week. Then I’ll start my build up proper for Skiddaw and HM60.

I’ve had two more sessions with Mhairi and I do feel I’ve got more mobility in my feet. She keeps saying that my feet are very stiff and I think her thumbs are throbbing at the end of each session!


If I have understood it right Mhairi is trying to manipulate the Talus bone back to where it should be. Then the rest of the bones and ligaments will be free to work properly.


Mhairi is also keen to get a bit more mobility back to my big toe that is effected by my bunion.  I can definitely feel more movement so her hard work is showing benefits.

I’ve seen a couple of other ultra running friends who are part of the trial and they also are seeing results.

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