Training Plan for Tour of Skiddaw

My next ultra, the Tour of Skiddaw is 7 weeks on Saturday so including this week I have an 8 week build up to the race.  The Hardmoors 60 is 4 weeks after that.  I’m running with Tour of Skiddaw with Katrina as a pair which we are looking forward to.

Tonight I went for a steady 6mile run after work.  I didn’t look at my watch at all until the end and was quite happy to see my average pace was 7:36.  I did feel I was working quite hard though.  I think I need to lose a few lbs that have I’ve gained since finishing the Hardmoors 11o.

I’ve been working on my training plan for the next 8 weeks.  It may change a bit but here is the plan ….

training plan for tos

It’s my normal mix of longer runs, hill runs up and down Ben Lomond and some easy runs.  I’ve had to leave the weekend of 26th/27th July as I’ll be busy with the Commonwealth Marathon!

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