Gleniffer Braes Run with Steven

This morning Steven H joined me for my 11 mile loop on the Braes.  Steven has a place for the Glenmore 12hr race at the beginning of September which will be by far his longest race.  We chatted about his training plan amongst lots of other things and the miles flew by.

I’ve ran almost 44miles this week and feel I’m getting back to a decent level of fitness. I think the 5-6 weeks of easy running after the Hardmoors 110 has done me good and I can now build up again.

After the run we all headed off to Hopehall Church where Emma and Yonas were sharing about their life and work in Indonesia.  Yonas shared his testimony of how he became a Christian and Emma translated.  It was very moving and there weren’t many dry eyes in the hall!  I videoed it as a few friends and family couldn’t make.  It’s uploading to YouTube as I type so I’ll put it on my blog tomorrow if anyone would like to see it.

We also decided to have a Christmas lunch as they were in Indonesia in December.  We had a lovely meal ….Christmas meal

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