Weekend Runs on the Gleniffer Braes

Another two runs on the Braes this weekend but they were very different.

Saturday 19th July

I had swimming lessons at 10am so was up and out by 7.10am for my 9mile loop.  Right from the start I felt pretty good and without really pushing too hard I was able to average 9.13 pace which I was pleased with.

The weather was fine and the track dry and easy to run on.  I had another example of running helping me to think about things.  I’m reading David Walsh’s book ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ about Lance Armstrong at the moment and the title has puzzled me.  What are the seven deadly sins?  As I was running it came to me …. Lance’s seven Tour de France wins!  Doh!

Anyway a solid run feeling strong without too much effort.  If only all runs were like this!

In the evening our family went to Escape to play 10 pin bowling for Yonas’ birthday. I won’t mention the result!!


Katrina and I then went to the Dress Rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.  It was excellent and we are looking forward to the real thing on Wednesday.  We got soaked getting there and queueing up but thankfully it stopped raining just before it started.

Sunday 20th July

I had my venue specific training at Glasgow Green in the afternoon so I was able to run a little later.  I set off at 8.30am to do my 16mile loop which is one and three quarter of the large loop.

I felt a bit sluggish as I set off but thought that I’d feel better as the run went on but if anything I got more sluggish!  The first lap wasn’t too bad and I took a few photos ….

Braes - reservoir


I ran past a herd of Highland cows …

Braes cows


Past the trig point which is the highest point of the route ….

braes trig

The ferns are really high now and I had to fight my way past them ….

braes ferns

Then back to the gate which marks the start and finish of my ‘large loop’ ….

braes gate

The second three quarter loop was hard work!  I was feeling really hot and felt I ran out of energy.  I think my runs from the week and other activities (cycling and kayaking) caught up with me!

I also think I need to take an energy drink if I’m going over a couple of hours.  But it’s all good training as you need to learn to keep going when you feel sluggish!

Another factor was I added a few more items to my rucksack.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been adding an item or two each week until I reach the pack weight I’ll need for the Tour of Skiddaw and Hardmoors 60.

I made it back in time to have a quick shower and then head off to Glasgow Green for my training. My shifts at Scotstoun start on Wednesday so that should be interesting.


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