Glasgow 2014 volunteering

I have done three shifts (8am-4pm) at Scotstoun over the last few days as part of my volunteering for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.  It’s been really enjoyable being part of this great event.

Basically our roll at Scotstoun is to make sure the athletes have all they need to be able to train for their event.  Our team of 4-5 make sure the centre is all ready with drinks, towels, ice packs etc and the track is ready for them to use.  So we put out all we think they will need.

Then when the athletes arrive we help with whatever they might need.  Most are really relaxed and happy to chat as they train.

Some highlights so far ….

  • chatting to a 200m runner from Losotho about his chances of making the final
  • helping a triple jumper from Ghana by measuring her hop and step phases
  • helping the Australian Pole Vaulting athletes
  • videoing an Australian long jumper so she could email it to her coach back home
  • chatting to team managers from Isle of Man, Seychelles and Barbados
  • chatting to the manager of the New Zealand 4x400m women’s team
  • watching a couple of Kenyan runners do their reps of 800m at an incredible speed
  • chatting to a personal coach of a pole vaulter about all that discipline involves

I’ve also been able to pop over to the Table Tennis and Squash arena which is also based at Scostoun to watch a few games. The main Squash court is amazing and there is a great atmosphere.

Tomorrow and Sunday I’m involved with the Marathon. Saturday is our training day with the timing company Longines and then for the race I’m going to be on one of the intermediate timing points. I’m really looking forward to it!  We have to meet at 5.45am to be bused to our position in time to make sure everything is ready for the race starting at 9.02am (Men) and 9.30am (Women).

We have a runner in each race from Kilbarchan AAC …. Derek Hawkins and Hayley Haining.  The full list of runners for men and women is now on the Glasgow 2014 web site.

The weather has been amazing this week. By far the hottest days of the year in Scotland.  I’ve been out for a run when I’ve got home and both runs were hard work in the heat but happy to be feeling okay. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to run over the weekend but hope to get up on the Braes at least once.

Finally the Lakeland 100 started 90 mins ago at 6pm so I’d like to wish everyone a great race especially friends Marco and Debs! I’m looking forward to following their progress over the weekend.

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1 Response to Glasgow 2014 volunteering

  1. Graeme says:

    Thanks for the update John. It makes the Games appear a bit more real the way you describe ithe activities. Have you sneaked a quick lap yersel?

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