That was better

I’ve really enjoyed today! This morning I was at Glasgow Green for our training with Longines in preparation for tomorrow’s Commonwealth Marathons.  I’m part of a team who will be at the immediate timing posts throughout the course.

Basically it is all done automatically but they need a manual back-up in case something goes wrong. So there are 8 immediate posts every 5k throughout the course. Even though it is a 2 lap course they need 8 as one lap is 21.1k.

We have a hand held timing device that prints out the results. So when each runner goes by we need to press the right button and record the number of the runner in case it is needed.

There are 10 of us so we were allocated a post and tomorrow we’ll have someone to help us to write down the numbers. All very exciting!! Initially I was given the 20k point just before half way but I swapped with another guy to take the 30k position as that is in the middle of Bellahouston Park near where I work and run!

So if you are in Bellahouston Park tomorrow to watch the marathon I’ll be at the 30k point which is near the cycling track I think.  I’m really looking forward to it even though I’ll need to leave home at 5am to get to Commonwealth House for 5.45am so we can be bused to our position in plenty of time.

Here is a map of the course and where I will be tomorrow …Marathon

Here is a photo of the finish gantry ….

finish marathonOver the weekend I’ve been checking regularly on the Lakeland 100 and in particular friends who are running.  Marco and Debs have had amazing races winning the Men’s and Women’s race! What a couple!!

L100 debs

As I type at 8pm other are still on the course and grinding it out.  When I did the race in 2012 I didn’t finish until after 3am!! This will be my main target for next year and I’m looking forward to it already.

Once I got home I watched the end of the Sprint Triathlon which was exciting and then set off for a run up on the Braes.  I was keen to have a good run after last Sunday when I really struggled over the last 6miles or so.

On Sunday the 16.94 miles took me 3hrs and it wasn’t much fun! Today I was keen to set off easier and enjoy the run.  It was so much cooler which really helped but I also disciplined myself to keep my heart rate below 130 which makes a big difference.

I did really enjoy the run and as a bonus my time was 2.49 finishing strong so all is good. I’ve started making sure I have a recovery drink after my longer runs.recovery drink

A spoon full of SIS REGO recovery powder, a banana and milk all blended together. Tastes good and hopefully is doing me good!

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