Recce run splits

After work today I went for an easy run on Brodie Park. I’ve recently bought a pair of Sketcher Go Run 2 and was keen to try them out on grass.  They are very light and though, don’t give as much cushion as my Hokas, still feel very comfortable.

One of the reasons I like to do recce runs on a new course is to work out my mini-splits. So on Sunday when I ran almost 30 miles of the 44 mile loop I worked out where I wanted to have my mini-splits.

recce splits 3 aug

The first 7.5 miles is repeated at the end so I’ll be able to add in another mini-split on the way out and use that as a check on the way back! Sorted.

Both Katrina and I are really looking forward to the race now.  It will be the first race we have run together as a team.  I ran with Katrina for her first ultra, the Highland Fling, in 2012 but this is as an official team.  I couldn’t think of anything more original than Team Kynaston for our name!!

I’m going to use these splits to give us an idea of our aim for the race.

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3 Responses to Recce run splits

  1. Ian Williams says:

    Hi John

    were they the Go Runs or Go Run Rides? I find the naming conventions confusing. Tried the Run Ride 3’s on in a store and was pleasantly surprised, but most of the online reviews I’ve read had the tinge of ‘sponsored post’ going on. Do you rate them?

    Cheers – and good luck with your running!


    • Hi Ian
      I have the Go Run 2. I’ve only had a couple of runs with them but like them so far! They are very light.

      • Ian Williams says:

        Cheers John! I tried on a pair in the Skechers store in Leeds the other day. VERY light and nice and comfy – but I was worried the midfoot bump was making my ankle collapse in. Still debating buying a pair because they’ve got a great price on Ratrace at the moment.

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