A very wet run on the Gleniffer Braes

We had a great time at John Duncan’s Fling bbq last night. I took my camera but was too busy chatting to folk that I didn’t take any photos but I’m sure lots will appear on Facebook in due time.  We didn’t get home too late so I decided to get up early before church for another run on the Gleniffer Braes.

The conditions couldn’t have been more different to yesterday morning.  It was raining from the start and didn’t let up for the whole 16miles.  In fact at several points it was really heavy.

I must admit I get a certain buzz from running in tougher conditions.  I think it’s easy to run when the sun is shining and the views are spectacular but these are the runs that sort the men from the boys!!

You never know what the conditions will be like on a race day so it’s good to run in all sorts of weather both good and bad so you are ready for anything.  It wasn’t too windy or too cold so it wasn’t too bad. I wore my OMM jacket the whole time.

It was also a good test for my Drymax socks and new Hokas.  They both passed with flying colours so will be my choice of footwear for both the Tour of Skiddaw and Hardmoors 60.

This week has been a good solid week in my training.  I’ve ran just over 50miles which takes me to 1,454.07 miles for the year.  I’m taking part in a Facebook challenge this year to run 2014 miles in 2014.

I’m ahead of the red line which is the accumulation of 5.52 miles a day every day that would be needed to complete the challenge.  I’m glad I’m ahead as I plan to have some easier months once I’ve done the Hardmoors 60.

2014 miles 10 aug


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