Plans for a camper van

I was out at lunch time for a run around Pollok Park in the rain. I decided to set off and run without looking at my watch and see how I felt. Straight away I knew I was feeling pretty good so ran strongly without going flat out.

It was raining hard right through the run but it wasn’t too cold and there wasn’t much wind. I was wearing my Sketcher Go Run 2 and they felt really good. The first time I wore them I did feel a few twinges in my calf and wasn’t sure they suited me but everything felt good today.

When finished I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had run the 6.16 miles at 7.19 pace with an average heart rate of 139.  I was really pleased with that as it felt fairly comfortable. That was the first run for a while were I felt I’ve had a real spring to my step.

Some of our friends have camper vans which are a great idea.  We started to look into them but most are out of our price range.  I’ve been thinking about selling my motor bike as I didn’t fancy another winter.

So our ‘good idea’ is to buy a small van and put a bed in the back!  We are planning to buy a Volkswagen Caddy Maxi ……

caddy maxi

The Maxi has an extra foot of space over the standard Caddy which means you can fit in a full bed.  I’ve looked on YouTube and here is a video of someone who has made a bed to fit in the back.  This one is on a Caddy so we would have a bit more room ….

I’m afraid I don’t the DIY skills to do this but I have a son-in-law who does!! So watch this space.

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4 Responses to Plans for a camper van

  1. Kynon says:

    A suggestion (blatantly stolen from Mike!) – if you are going to put a bed in the back, then either look at putting some shelves in for storage, or else build some sort of platform to raise the bed up, so that you have storage space for your gear underneath.
    I am looking at a similar idea, possibly following George’s Epic Racing van conversion…

    • Hi Kynon. I did see Mike’s bed and it did give me the idea! The video I posted had a raised platform for the bed which I’m planning to do. What van are you looking at?

      • Kynon says:

        Haven’t really started looking in earnest, but something along the lines of a Transit is what I am thinking, as it allows for headroom within the back, as well as the possibility of reasonable luggage/cargo space. Plus it’s not beyond the wit of man to engineer something that would allow the bed to be taken out if (for example) it was needed to be used as an actual van. Still pretty much at the ideas stage though.

  2. Ian booth says:

    Used to use a normal caddy with a thermarest as a bed, being 5ft 8in just fitted corner to corner.
    I could roll the bed up and cook inside/dress etc.
    Caddy max is better, if you can leave space for changing after a day out running.
    I am now lucky enough to have a VW auto sleeper trident, I use all the time after a cycling/running events as a changing area, as well as a camper van absolutely love it.
    Good luck, looks a great project

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