Another Ben Lomond Run

I must be doing this run too often as I’ve even come to the attention of Berghaus.  They sent me an email yesterday highlighting the fact that our Ben Lomond run up the Ptarmigan Ridge is one of their favourite 6 runs in the UK.


Favourite UK Trail Runs Infographic

Yesterday Katrina, Jonny, Steven and I met at Drymen after work at 5.15pm and drove together to Rowardennan. Katrina opted for going up and down the tourist path while Jonny, Steven and I went up the ridge.

I decided to lead on the way up and set off at a good pace. As we left Paisley the weather had been wet and a bit miserable but surprisingly it was lovely as we made our way up. There were some clouds which gave a lovely effect as we climbed.


This was Steven’s first trip up the Ben since his very nasty fall but he was taking it all in his stride. It certainly hasn’t put him off which is good.

We reached the top in 1hr 16mins. We wondered whether Katrina had beaten us to it or not.


Jonny and Steven headed down together and I waited for Katrina.  I didn’t have to wait long at all as she appeared as the guys started to head down.


Katrina and I made our way down together chatting about the Skiddaw race which is only 8 days away now. Katrina is loving her new Hokas which have far more grip than the old ones! We descended in 1hr 8mins.

We drove back to Drymen were Frances had cooked a lovely pasta meal for us. Thanks!!

So a great night out!!

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