Gleniffer Braes and new Hoka models revealed

This morning Steven joined me for my Saturday morning run on the Braes.  We ran the 11mile loop in the rain.  I was feeling really good this morning and pushing hard on the hills.  I really feel as though I’ve got the spring back in my step over the last week which is good news.

This year I’ve definitely had two halves with the first half from January to the Hardmoors 110 in May.  Then I’ve had a couple of easier months before building up to the Hardmoors 60 on Saturday 20th September.

I mentioned to Jonny the other day that the only thing I don’t like about the OMM Kamleika jacket is that it seems to ride up when it’s wet and I’m wearing my North Face Enduro rucksack.

Jonny suggested tightening the cord and see if that helps.  So I tried that this morning and it did work! It felt a lot more comfortable not having to continually pull it down.  So thanks for the tip Jonny! I felt a bit stupid not trying that before.

Yesterday I received an email from Keith at letting me know that they two new Hoka Stinson models in stock.

There is a new road version called Hoka Stinson Lite

Stinson LiteThe trail version is called Hoka Stinson ATR

Stinson ATR

Keith wrote,

The biggest difference are they now have seemless uppers. The road shoe has a single layer mesh for very nice ventilation, where the trail version has a double layer mesh to help prevent debris from getting in but still nicely vented.

I’m hoping to try the trail version and will review in due course!


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