Gleniffer Braes Run

I’ve been really pleased with how I have recovered from last Saturday’s Grand Tour of Skiddaw. It is just as well as the final race of the Hardmoors Grand Slam is three weeks today.

My plan for this weekend is 9 miles today and 11 miles tomorrow.  I was up at 6.15am to update my spreadsheet for the CCC and UTMB races.  Everyone is gong really well.

I set off at 7am and was feeling good. I didn’t particularly aim to push it but just ran comfortably and was happy to see that I had averaged 9:01 pace for the 9 miles. I was really pleased with how it felt.

I do enjoy following the races from Mount Blanc.  I have set up a spreadsheet to keep a track on the runners who are known to us or have ran in Scotland.  basically any excuse to follow them.

Here is a summary of the CCC race ….

CCC finishIt was great to see our good friend Silke finishing. Thomas posted this lovely photo of her at Champonix ….


The UTMB is still going on as I write.  Here is the latest update ….

utmb Sat 3.23pm


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1 Response to Gleniffer Braes Run

  1. Robin says:

    John, my better half, Kirsty Williams, a three time whw finisher, is having, at least for her, a stormer.

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