Guess My Time – Hardmoors 60

It’s time to open my traditional ‘Guess My Time’ Competition for the Hardmoors 60 race which starts at 8am on Saturday 20th September from Guisborough.

This year have very generously sponsored my little competitions with some great prizes.  They have been super generous for this one offering a Salomon S-Lab Advanced M Belt Set for the closest guess ….

waist pack

It retails at £54 so thanks so much to Keith at ultramarathonrunningstore for your support. Plus there is a limited edition key ring as well!! Plus your name on my Hall of Fame!!

So to win the prizes all you have to do is guess how long you think in hours, minutes and seconds it will take me to run the 62miles.

To give you an idea my goals are ….

  • Bronze: sub 13hrs
  • Silver: sub 12hrs 30mins
  • Gold: sub 12hrs

I’ve been really pleased with my running so far this year and would love to finish off the Hardmoors Grand Slam with a good solid performance.

To enter please send your guess by ….

  • Leaving a comment on this post
  • On Facebook: John Kynaston
  • On Twitter: @jkynaston
  • by email:
  • By text: 07905 218162
  • in person

Please send your guess by 6pm Thursday 18th September.  Thanks!!

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17 Responses to Guess My Time – Hardmoors 60

  1. Chris Davidson says:

    I’ll guess at 11 hours 54 minutes :-).

    Good luck!

  2. Brendan loughrey says:

    12:47.24 hope I’m wrong and you manage sub 12 but I’m allowing an extra hour just in case the weather is not favourable. Good luck

  3. Adam Firth says:

    11:33:11 🙂 Good luck John. You were moving well the end of the 55 and it’s ‘only’ a touch further 😉 Lucky winner this time as I can rate the pack and I’ve heard the key ring is this seasons must have accessory.

  4. Ed Holey says:

    11:55:47 at least you’ll know what to expect after the 110.

  5. Chris Highcock says:


    Hope it goes well.

  6. david says:

    I’m guessing 11:47:37
    Have a great run!

  7. davidw64 says:

    Good Luck!!

  8. Interpolating between your HM55 and MH110 paces for a 60 mile race we’d get an average of 5.27mph and a time of…. 11:22:49.

    I think you actually might be a bit faster than this though as you slowed less per mile between the HM30 and HM55 than you did between the HM55 and HM110, and… well you are fitter and stronger of course!

    However, I’ll just stick with the 11:22:49 time though, as you’re a unrepentant spreadsheet geek like myself I’m sure you’ll apprecaite having a least one estimate provided over simplified maths models rather than actual knowledge or instinct 😉

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  10. John Dingelstad says:

    Hi John, good luck and I guess 11:12:13.

  11. Dave McLaren says:

    Hi John, good luck for the run….I reckon it’ll take you 11:45:46

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  13. stevenjjhill says:

    I’ll go for 11:11:11, took me ages to come up with that. Have a good run!

  14. Aaron Gourley says:

    11hrs56mins, See you at the start line. 🙂

  15. Kirsty Hill says:

    11 hours 21 minutes & 33 seconds

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