Final preparation for Hardmoors 60

I had planned to do my final easy run yesterday (Wednesday) after work but I had a dodgy stomach and didn’t feel too good. So I decided to rest and by Thursday morning I felt so much better so went for an easy run around Brodie Park before work.

I always like to prepare as thoroughly as I can for an ultra so here are some of things I have ready ….

1. Kit

The compulsory kit for this race isn’t as much as the Hardmoors 110 so I will be able to run with a lighter pack which will be good.

HM 60 kit 2


It all fits in nicely to my North Face Enduro pack ….

Hm 60 bag

2. Food and drop bags

I feel fairly relaxed about food for this race.  I have my Matrix energy drink and some soreen to start with and then will be quite happy to pick up whatever is available at the checkpoints.

I also have a couple of drop bags with a Greek style yogurt and some shot bloks to keep me going.  There is also soup and coke so I’ll be fine.

HM 60 drop bags

3. Pacing

I have my cards with mini-splits to give me an idea but my main tactic will be to run by heart rate as I find this really helpful especially early on when it is tempting to go off too hard.

My friend Robert Osfield sent me a really interesting spread sheet last week which worked out my optimum heart rate for the time run based on previous races I’ve done.

So for a race lasting 11-12hr Robert reckons I should be averaging a heart rate of 135 so that is going to be my aim.  It worked really well for the Hardmoors 110 when I was working on an average of 124.

Hopefully this time I own’t lose my data so I’ll be able to see how accurate it was.

4. Running gear

I’ll be wearing my tried and trusted kit. So from feet to head …

  • Hoka Stinson
  • Drymax Socks
  • Skins – knee length
  • Longish Blue shorts
  • Either a long sleeved or short sleeved top depending on the weather
  • Two watches – Suunto Ambit and Timex

5. Weather forecast

The forecast for Saturday look pretty good.  Here is the summary for Scarborough which is 50 miles our so into the race ….weather forecast

6. Travel Plans

We are heading down to Guisborough on Friday after work.  Martin and Lydia D very kindly said we could stay with them on Friday and Saturday.  They live very close to Guisborough so it means I can have an extra hour or two in bed before the race starts.

7. Grand Slam

This race is the final race of four which makes up the Hardmoors Grand Slam Series.  After 3 races I’m sitting in 2nd place from 18 who committed to the challenge at the beginning of the year.  8 of the 18 are still going and I hope we all finish!

Grand Slam 3 events

I think it is very unlikely that I can make up an hour on Jamie but if he has a bad day you never know!!! Seriously though I will be very happy to complete the challenge and

Well I think that’s most things covered.  I won’t have a tracker for this race but I will try and post my time as soon as I can after I finish.

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2 Responses to Final preparation for Hardmoors 60

  1. Hi John,

    I collected another datapoint for the HR vs duration analaysis last weekend at the RAW, the estimates based on previous my races suggested an average HR of 160, and that’s exactly what my HR monitor reported at the end of the race. Most of the race my HR was in the 160 to 163 zone, but stopping to refill botlles at checkpoints and walking up steep hills, and having to slow when cramp hit kept the average down to 160. In the last half mile cramp relaxed it’s grip and I was able to pick up the pace and tried hard to finish inside 6:15, but missed by 18 seconds despite finishing at 7 min/mile pace and with a crazy HR of 180!

    I put my all into the race, so it wasn’t a case of hitting an average of 160 because that’s what I was aiming for, it happened partly out of co-incidence, but I think there has to be a strong influeince of that what my phisiology can cope with for that amount of time. Last year at the RAW I finished in 6:47 with an average HR of 159, this year 6:15 with an avearge of 160, the shorter time allowing me to average a slightly higher intensty.

    While my own experience might not map consistently well to others I think there is resonable chance that the target of 135 that the analysis of your own races suggest will be pretty close to what your body will be able to handle running for 11 to 12 hours. This assumes that you are able to run close to the limits you’ve raced at before, looking at how your training has gone it looks good for putting away another good race, pushing right up against the best race you can do on the day.

    Good luck.

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