Plans for the rest of the year

Last night Katrina and I were invited to an evening with Haile Gebreselassie.  It was really good as Haile answered various questions and was happy to pose for photos afterwards.  So we got a lovely photo with the great man …Haile

This morning I was out for a steady run before I had my swimming lessons. I set off at 7.30am in light rain. I wore a jacket and was glad I did as it was pretty wet. I had a good solid run and I’m really pleased with how I’ve recovered from the Hardmoors 60 two weeks ago.

My plan for the rest of the year is basically to complete my 2014 miles in 2014. So far this year I have run 1,783.83 miles so 230.17miles to go!2014 miles 5 oct

But I would also like to do some more speed work so my rough weekly plan until the end of the year is as follows …

  • Monday – Fartlek session with Kilbarchan. I’ve only been once this year in January so it will be good to be back running a bit quicker again
  • Wednesday – Tempo or Steady Run
  • Thursday – Hill or Easy Run
  • Saturday – Slightly longer run (8-12miles)

So that should give me between 25-30miles a week so that will be enough to see me to 2014 miles for the year.

We have a number of club races over Christmas and New Year so I hope to take part in as many of those as I can this year. The last couple of years I have had a few small niggles so decided against running them to save myself for the ultras.

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3 Responses to Plans for the rest of the year

  1. Great photo. Looks like Haile is the chosen one!

    Real shame to see that he had DNF of yesterdays race. However, does that mean I can claim I beat him in a race? 🙂

  2. tina McLeod says:

    What a great pic. Haille is a fantastic ambassador for everything running related must have been amazing to meet him. I’m dead jealous

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