First Fartlek session for a while

I was really looking forward to getting back to Kilbarchan on a Monday night.  I’ve really missed these sessions. Last December and January I did a few speed sessions and had a slight niggle in my hamstring and calves so decided to give them a miss and concentrate on the longer slower runs plus my trips up and down Ben Lomond.

Now that my ultra races are over for the year I’ve decided to concentrate on some faster running for the next few months.

There was a good group of runners who met at the ON-X centre in Linwood. John McL and a few others went off for an easy run as they had run races over the weekend.

So there were four of us in our group doing the session, David, Steven and Ryan. After the warm up and strides we did the session which was 2:30 with 1min recovery, 3:30 with 1:30 recovery times 5.

I wanted to make sure I didn’t do anything silly on my first run back so ran comfortably. As the session went on I felt stronger and certainly there is nothing wrong with my endurance!

So here are the facts of the session ….fartlek 6 oct

I’m pleased that my pace and distance increased with each set. I was also interested to see that my pace for the 3:30 rep was faster than the 2:30 rep for the last 3.

So a good solid start. As I type this the next morning I can feel that my calves have had a good work out but they are not too sore so it’s all good.  We are  away next Monday so it will be a couple of weeks before I’m back but I’m looking forward to making it regularly on a Monday night for the next few months.

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