Fartlek session with Kilbarchan

Last night I was back at the club for the Fartlek session and I was looking forward to pushing a bit harder. 6 of us set off for the warm up along the cycle track towards Bridge of Weir.

I was chatting to Hayley and it was really interesting to hear all about her run in the Commonwealth Games.  It was her last really competitive run but she is going to continue to run marathons, choosing some nice races around the world to enjoy.

Once the session started Gemma went off for a steady run as she is doing Dublin next week. Hayley ran the first few sets with us then ran back with Gemma. After the first 3min run Steven’s knee was a bit sore so he wisely decided to head back before it got worse.

This left Jennifer, Claire and I to complete the session of 3min (90sec recovery) x5, 2min (1min) x5 and 1min (1min) x5.

I was feeling pretty good so tried to push hard right through the session.

My figures were ….fartlek 20 oct

I always think if I can run over 5miles for the 30mins I’ve done well so I was pleased to see I was just over that.  It does help when the longest run is 3mins!

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