Run with Dave Troman

On Sunday Dave sent a text saying that he and Tracey were staying at the Oak Tree in Balmaha for a few nights during their half term and asking whether we could make it over for a run and a meal.  We didn’t need asking twice.

We arrived in the rain about 5pm and Dave & I set off for a run on the West Highland Way while Katrina and Tracey ordered a glass of wine and put the world to rights.

It dark from the start and Dave had asked me to bring a spare head torch for him which I did. But I forgot to check whether the head torch I had for myself had batteries. It didn’t so we only had one head torch between us!

It was a bit tricky but we managed with just one trip by me. We ran out for 52mins on the West Highland Way route but ran back on the road as we thought that was a safer option.

Dave and I have run together on the whole of the Lakeland 100 course and the majority of the Hardmoors course but surprisingly it was the first time we had run together on the West Highland Way !

The first question I asked Dave was to tell me all about the UTMB. It was great to hear all about it first hand.  It is a race that I’ve decided to see whether I can get a place in 2016 so watch this space!

We arrived back after 90mins of running. Time for a quick shower then we joined our wives for a lovely meal at the Oak Tree. Katrina and I went for the steak pie which was superb. daveOn Wednesday night I’m going to chat to Dave again … this time via Skype for an interview for the next West Highland Way Podcast.  We are going to a review of our 2014 ultra races and talk about the lessons we have learnt from our training and races.


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