Hill run, podcast and Saturday run

Just catching up on the last few days …


On Thursday evening I ran with Jonny after work. I had a later meeting so we didn’t get out until 7pm.  I took him round my Brodie Park loops. As it was in the dark we had our head torches on.

I took Jonny round my 1.1 mile loop 4 times. The loop is actually 2 loops so I like to vary the direction of each loop so I have 4 slightly different directions. I tried to explain to Jonny which way we were going but in the dark we could have been anywhere!!

I was feeling good and it was great catching up with Jonny who has been away on holiday for a week or two. We spent time chatting about our plans for next year. Jonny has also entered the Lakeland 100 so we will be having lots more chat about that race in the months to come.


Last night Neal and Caroline came round for a meal and for a podcast interview but this time with a difference as they took over the hosting of the episode and they interviewed me and then Katrina.

As part of the interview I explained my long term goal for ultra running so if you want to hear what that is you will have to listen to episode 67 of the West Highland Way Race Podcast. It should available in the next day or so!



I was out at 7am again this morning for my 10mile loop. Last week I ran with Marco and we averaged 7.40 pace compared to 8.13 pace the previous week. I decided I didn’t want to compete with that so deliberately wore my road Hokas and didn’t look at my watch for the first 5miles or so.

I was feeling pretty good and was quite surprised when I did look at my watch to see that I was averaging 7.35! I had a chuckle to myself that maybe Marco was slowing me down last week!! Only kidding Marco!

I decided to keep the pace about the same and was pleased to finish the 10.38miles in 7.30pace.  I do feel the speed work I’m doing is bringing my pace down a bit.

pace 8 nov

I had a shower, ate some breakfast and headed off to Nuffield Sports Centre for my usual Saturday morning swimming lessons. I arrived to discover there had been an ‘accident’ in the pool and it was closed to be cleaned so I was back home at 11am … to write my blog and finish off the podcast to be uploaded.

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1 Response to Hill run, podcast and Saturday run

  1. Last two WHW podcasts have been great to listen too, thanks 🙂

    10miles @ 7:30 pace is good going… keep it up for another 16 miles and you’d have yourself a marathon PB!

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