Mid week runs

I decided to change my runs a bit this week as I’ve entered the Renfrewshire Cross Country  at Shanks Park on Sunday.

So instead of running Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday I decided to run Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and then the race on Sunday.

On Tuesday I ran with Katrina. It was first time we had run together for a few weeks so it was good to enjoy the run. I could feel my legs from Monday’s Fartlek so was happy to let Katrina set the pace as long as she didn’t go too fast!

Tonight I was back doing my loops around Brodie Park. I decided to vary it a bit tonight so ran 4 loops all the same way but alternated effort.  The 1st and 3rd were easy and I tried to run faster/harder on the 2nd and 4th.

I was pleased with how I felt.  I watched the BBC Adventure Show on Tuesday night and Donnie Campbell was giving some lessons on running up and down hills.  One of the tips he gave for uphill running was to work the arms across your body so I tried that tonight as I ran.  I’m not sure if it helped me go quicker but it felt as though I was.

The 2 easy laps I ran in 10:23 and 10:01 and 2 hard laps in 8:23 and 8:01.  Hopefully that will set me up nicely for Sunday’s Cross Country!

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