Recovery Run with David Mac

When I woke up on Monday morning I decided that doing the Fartlek session with the club wouldn’t be the best idea after Sunday’s cross country. So I pleased to read on our Kilbarchan Road Runners page on Facebook that David was keen to do a 8-9mile recovery run.

David had a route in mind so we set off and ran together.  We chatted the whole way round which made it so much easier. I was actually quite pleased with how my legs felt but was glad that I hadn’t opted for the Fartlek session as I don’t think my legs would have responded too well to running any faster.

route route 17 nov

We were both quite surprised when we realised we had run at 7:40 pace … so not quite an easy recovery run … well not for me anyway!  Thanks for your company David.  It would have felt a lot longer and harder on my own.

Tonight (Tuesday) I’m really looking forward to interviewing Robbie Britton for the latest West Highland Way Race Podcast.  We had arranged 7pm so I was thinking I would be able to get it done then watch the Scotland v England game at 8pm but Robbie asked to put it back an hour as he is going climbing with his girl friend!! The sacrifices I have to make!! BTW my prediction is a 1-2 win for England!!

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