Tempo Run at lunchtime

It was a lovely day today in Glasgow so I was glad that I was able to get at lunchtime for a run.  I decided to do a tempo run and see how my legs would respond!

I ran my normal loop which starts in Bellahouston Park and then goes round Pollok Park. I ran the first mile easy and then tried to push the pace for the next 5 miles before an easy mile or so to finish with.

I felt pretty strong for the first 4 miles of the Tempo but struggled a bit with the final mile … which is mainly uphill but I suspect even if it was downhill I would have found it hard to keep the pace up.

tempo 19 nov

So I was happy with that! I was 7secs per mile faster than 2 weeks ago!!

I enjoyed interviewing Robbie Britton last night for the latest West Highland Way Race Podcast.  It is now available on iTunes (whwrace) or the race web site.  Robbie has done a lot of races and is not yet 28.  It will be interesting to follow his career in the next few years as no doubt he will get faster.

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