Two more runs

On Thursday night I went for an easy run after work. I had been on my feet all day at my cross country event so was quite pleased with how my legs felt.

This morning I was up and out by 6.45am for my Saturday longer run. I decided on a different route this morning compared to the last few Saturday runs.

run route 22 nov

I’m trying not to look at my watch at all on these Saturday runs and running as fast (or slow) as I feel I can maintain for the 10miles. I looked at my watch at 8miles and was quite happy to see I was averaging 7.42 pace. I must have slowed a bit over the last two and a bit miles as I averaged 7:45 overall but again happy with that.

Our big family news is we are going to be grandparents for the first time! Our daughter Emma and her husband Yonas are expecting in May 2015. They live in Malang, Indonesia but we were planning to visit next summer so the timing is great for us.

Emma finally put the good news on Facebook which meant I could as well.  So far I have 236 likes and 42 comments which shows people like a bit of good news!

fb post


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2 Responses to Two more runs

  1. Exciting times for you all, the scan picture takes me back to our first scans of our three girls. Being a grandparent will be brilliant – you and Katrina will be amoung the fittest grand parents in Britain 🙂

    As for the running, darn, me thinks you must have pushed throug 2000 miles for the year now. You beat me to it be a couple of days. I’m currently on 1990 so should roll over in the next few days.

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