Completed my 2014 miles challenge

Last night during our club Fartlek session I completed one of my goals for the year …. namely to run at least 2014 miles in 2014.  I have done it with 5 weeks to spare which is good.

Right from 1st Jan when I ran the Hardmoors 30 I’ve been ahead of the game but one of the key things is being able to run every week with no injuries. I think I’ve only missed maybe 1 or 2 planned runs due to a slight niggle throughout the whole year.

Last night there was 6 of us for the session. Catherine suggested 3 times 5mins (2min recovery), 3mins (90sec) and 2mins (2min).  I was chasing Haley Haining for the first two sets before she headed back.  Well I say chasing …. Hayley would go past me, having started a bit behind, after a min or two and then smoothly accelerate away as I tried my best to stay within view.

I asked Hayley what she things about when she is running hard in a session like this and she said, ‘relax.’ I normally have the thought ‘smooth’ so that’s about right! I was working as hard as I could and tried to finish as strong as I started.

Here are my stats ….fartlek 24 nov

I was pleased with that as each set was run faster than the set before.  I almost reached the 5miles but considering there was 3 x 5mins within the session that was good for me!

I could really feel my calves today. It just goes to show how specific running is. For the majority of the year I’ve been running lots of slow miles and my hardest runs have been up and down Ben Lomond.  Now I’m doing more faster shorter runs I’m working different muscles.


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3 Responses to Completed my 2014 miles challenge

  1. Ian Booth says:

    congratulations on the 2014 miles! well earned -Ian B

  2. Well done on hitting the 2014 miles. Only missing a few runs due to injury niggles is really impressive and shows that you are getting things right with training and racing.

    I got to 2013 today… just half a mile more to go, so tomorrow should be see my 2014’s mile. Not been quite a lukcy on the injury side so have missed a week here and there but overall have been able to run really consistently throughout the whole year, with niggles mostly just melting away as long as keep the running easy and distance modest. Being flexible with my training plan – taking it easy on days I need more recovery, but consistent in getting out most days seems to be the key for me.

    You’ve had your years blighted by injury, so what do you think has enabled you to run so consistently this year?

  3. Chris Highcock says:

    Well done John

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