Tempo Run

I was able to go out at lunchtime today for my tempo run. I’m enjoying getting a run in the daylight as most of my runs are in the dark either early or late when it is dark.

I was feeling good so after my warm up mile pushed the pace for 5miles. I have bought a new heart rate strap for my Suunto so it’s good to get some data to see how hard my heart is working again!

tempo 24 nov

Tomorrow night I’m interviewing Andy Cole for the next West Highland Way Podcast.  I was looking up the races that Andy has done on the excellent Ultra Marathon Statistics and really liked the comparison tab they have.

Andy’s comparison table is impressive … especially when you consider he didn’t start running ultras until he was 55!

Andy ColeI liked the table so decided to look at mine as well. It only puts the races where you have run at least twice.  So I added in the races where I have only run once.

So here is a summary by year/race of the 29 ultras I have run since 2007 ….

comparison of ultra races


Next year I’m running the Hardmoors 55, Cateran 55 and Lakeland 100 again so I wonder whether I’ll be able to get a personal best in each of them?


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