Superb run with friends

Marco invited me for a run from Rowardennan today. This is the same 18 mile loop we did last year that I enjoyed so I didn’t need asking twice! I dropped Katrina off at Drymen on the way as she was going to do a run with Frances (to Conic Hill and back). I picked up Jonny and we set off for Rowardennan.

We were the first to arrive and it was obvious it was going to be a great day. The sky was so blue and the colours on the hills stunning.

NOVATEK CAMERAOver the next few minutes 15 runners arrived and we set off about 9.10am.  Here is the route ….Ben Lomond loop route

There was some quick runners in the group so I was quite happy to run my own pace nearer the back! The views were incredible and it was such a joy to be able to run.


I ran with various folk along the way. I had a good chat with Jude who broke 3hrs for a marathon this year. When I asked him how he managed to take 20mins off his pb he said that he hadn’t done any speed work but followed a plan from a German coach who was all about long slower miles. with Jude

The group waited for us at the Cottage where we left the West Highland Way route.  We got a group photo  but it is a bit dark as my camera doesn’t react well when I take photos into a strong light.NOVATEK CAMERA

It is a steep climb from this point but I was feeling good and felt I climbed well. I had a chat with Matt on the way up ….with Matt

I asked Matt to take a photo of me for my blog header as the view and colours were lovely ..NOVATEK CAMERA

I ran a lot with Debs and Fionna and it was good to catch with them. They have both had a great year running wise.

The group kept waiting for us at various points which was good of them! NOVATEK CAMERA

From this point the track was very boggy and wet. Last year I didn’t know how long it would last but this time it felt a lot easier as I knew where we were going.

I had a good chat with Dr Andrew Murray which was really interesting. Andrew has done lots of really interesting races and challenges.


Once we reached the Ben Lomond Tourist track we headed back down to our cars at Rowardennan. The sun was still shining! NOVATEK CAMERA

So I superb day out. That was the furthest (18.74 miles) that I have run since the Hardmoors 60 in September so I was really happy with how I felt.

Thanks to Marco for organising and for everyone who ran.  What a great day out!



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