Congratulations to Tracey

I decided to swap my planned Club Fartlek run to run with Katrina and Tracey instead. The reason was it was Tracey’s final run of her challenge to run at least a 10k for 50 consecutive days.

Katrina and Tracey run a lot together and I join them now and then! I wanted to run with Tracey as she completed her challenge as I’ve been really impressed with the way she has stuck at it.

A challenge like this is not just about the physical side of running every day but the mental and organisation side of things as well. Tracey works works shifts and has two children and a husband to organise so it’s a challenge to find the time to run. Tracey has run them all outside in all sorts of weather.

I took my camera along to get a photo or two.

NOVATEK CAMERAWe ran the loop towards Barrhead and past Dykebar Hospital chatting all the way. Tracey was looking forward to finishing the challenge and having a rest day tomorrow but she has already organised a run with Katrina for Thursday!

At the end of the run we gave some flowers to Tracey for completing her challenge ….


Short video clip ….

So congratulations to Tracey for completing her challenge!

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