Midweek Runs in the wind

I feel like I am ticking over a bit at the moment but I’m enjoying getting out for a run 4-5 times a week without pushing too hard especially this week as it’s been pretty windy.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I ran after work. It had been very wet and windy all day so I was expecting to get soaked but in fact in was dry. Very windy but dry! I ran in my jacket and buff but probably would have been okay without them.

John 10 Dec

Today I was able to run at lunchtime so it was nice to run in the daylight. Again I wore my jacket, buff and gloves but was too warm after a few miles so off came the buff and gloves.

As I was running through Bellahouston Park with less than half a mile to go I slipped on some mud and went down! It’s the first time I’m fallen on a run for ages. No damage done and most importantly my Suunto was okay!

When I downloaded the run to Strava I noticed that it now compares similar runs. I do this loop around Pollok Park a lot in both directions so it gave me a summary of my runs …matched runs

I probably do it more the other way round so I’ll see what it comes up with next time I do it.

I enjoyed interviewing Mike Raffan on Tuesday night for the latest West Highland Way Race podcast. If you want to listen to it search in iTunes for whwrace or go to the race web site. 

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