My own Park Run

When I got up this morning I thought I would go out and do an easy 6 miler or so and then I suddenly thought I could go and do the Pollok parkrun as my swimming lessons didn’t start until 11am.

So I arrived at Pollok Park at 9am with the idea of doing a warm up lap before starting the race at 9.30am.  I locked my van and was about to set off on my warm up when Richard and a volunteer said that they have just had to cancel the run due to ice on the track.

I wasn’t too surprised as it was quite icy. Richard said it’s a lovely morning for a run. I agreed so I decided to go for a longer run as I had a couple of hours before I need to be at the pool for my lessons. I run a lot through Pollok Park so I decided to go somewhere different.

I set off for Queens Park and then having run round there decided to head for Kings Park via Hampden Park before heading back to Pollok Park. So I did my own Park Run!

route 13 dec

It was a lovely morning and I really enjoyed the run. I ended up running for 9.59 miles and I was very proud of myself that I resisted the temptation to run another 0.41 miles just to make it up to 10 miles.

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