SPOTY and fartlek session

On Sunday night Katrina & I went to watch the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards at the Hydro in Glasgow. The SPOTY review is a programme that I have watched for as long as I can remember. When I was younger it was a programme I was allowed to stay up late for to watch.

So when I knew it was going to be in Glasgow I was keen to go and be part of it. We both really enjoyed it and it was fun to see how it is all put together for the TV. I was hoping that Jo Pavey would win but pleased that she at least made the podium finishing 3rd behind Lewis Hamilton and Rory McIlroy.


Last night I was back at the club for our weekly Fartlek session. The session was a bit different in that we had a longer run at the start and finish. The session was 8mins (2min recovery) followed by 4 x 4mins (90sec recovery) and another 8mins to finish.

There were 5 of us and I found myself the quickest so I tried to start at the back and end up at the front. My aim was to run the 2nd half stronger and faster than the 1st half and I was pleased that I was able to manage that. Here are my stats for the session ….

tempo 15 dec

This weekend I have a few races coming up which I’m looking forward to

  • Saturday: Pollok parkrun (5k)
  • Sunday: Giffnock North 4.8mile handicap race (by invite from Neal & Caroline Gibson)
  • Monday: Kilbarchan AAC Christmas 4.2mile Handicap Race.

So my plan for the rest of the week is to have a couple of easy/steady runs Wednesday and Thursday.

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