Midweek Runs

Yesterday was our Active School Team’s Christmas lunch so I decided to go out early for my Wednesday run. I was quite surprised how mild it was. I wore gloves but didn’t really need to.

It was still pretty windy though and obviously dark at 6.40am but it was good to get my run out of the way so I enjoy the rest of the day!

Today I was able to go out at lunch time so ran my normal Pollok loop starting and finishing at Bellahouston Leisure Centre.

On Sunday I’m taking part in Giffnock North’s Christmas Handicap Race as a guest. They do it in an interestingly way in that you have to predict how long it will take you to run the 4.8 mile loop. Then the person who is closest to their guess wins. To make it more interesting you can’t wear a watch!

I’m doing the Pollok parkrun on Saturday and it is our Kilbarchan Christmas Handicap on Monday (which is a flat out 4.2mile race) so I’m planning to do Sunday’s one at around 7:30 mins per mile pace which is a comfortable pace for a race.

So I decided to run without looking at my watch and see whether I could run at 7:30 pace and what it would feel like.  After 5miles or so I looked at my watch and I was spot on so I think I know what that pace feels like.

I’ll need to be careful that I don’t get caught up running faster with others  that I want to. I’m looking forward to it.

When I came home from work today there was a parcel waiting for me. Martin Mayrhofer had sent me some Jam from his garden, honey from his bees and some honey from Pitcairn Islands which was made by descendants from the Bounty mutineers as a thank you for my blog and podcasts,  So thank you Martin! I’m looking forward to trying them.


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