Giffnock North Christmas Handicap Race Report

Our friends Neal and Caroline invited us to join the Giffnock North Christmas Handicap Race.  It is a 4.80 mile route ….

GN Handicap race route

It is done a bit differently to our Kilbarchan one in that you have to predict your time and then the person closest to their time wins the prize.  Obviously as guests we couldn’t win a prize but I think it’s a great idea.

I was toying with times based on 7min per mile to 7:30 as I didn’t want to push flat out as we have our Handicap race tomorrow which is a flat out race.  Anyway I went for 35mins 05secs which is 7:22 pace. I did suspect that once I was running I might be tempted to go a bit quicker!

Katrina went for 40:40 which was 8:25 pace but I suspected she would go quicker as well. Katrina was concerned that she would get lost and that fear was well placed as she did!! At least twice. The best one was we had to turn left at the traffic lights at Sainsbury’s.

Katrina saw a guy in a yellow jacket directing people so ran to him and followed his directions. It turned out that he was the car park attendant and nothing to do with the race!! Katrina finished in 39:00 so well inside her prediction despite her wrong turns.

I set off on my own and quickly settled into a steady pace. I knew I was running quicker than 7:20 but decided to just go for it and enjoy the run.  I started with the clock on 10:55 so I knew it needed to be exactly 46:00 if I was to be spot on.

I caught a few people on the way round and one person, Dave, went past me. I nearly caught Caroline who finished a few seconds ahead of me. I saw the clock on 42:12 so realised I had run a fair bit quicker than I predicted.

In fact I ran the 4.80 miles in 31:17 which is 6:32 pace! I was really pleased with that and just goes to show how much quicker you tend to run when you have a number on your top!

So thanks to Neal and Caroline for inviting us and to Giffnock North for letting us run.

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1 Response to Giffnock North Christmas Handicap Race Report

  1. Caroline says:

    We both over estimated by almost the same amount! I definitely got my race head on!

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