Kilbarchan Christmas Handicap Race

This was my third race in three days and I felt the effects of that! For our Handicap race we run around a 2.1 mile loop twice.  There were 20 runners this year.

When I ran round the loop as a warm up I realised that my legs felt a bit heavier than than did over the last couple of days.  I was hoping that once I started I’d be okay.

Katrina started at 8mins on the clock and I was due off at 13:30 so 5mins 30mins behind her. I thought that might be just a bit too much to be able to catch her. I’m generally about 1min per mile faster.

I started with John Hannigan who tends to be just a bit stronger and faster than me. I stayed with him for the first 1mile and a bit but lost touch with him when we crossed a road and John was able to shoot across whereas I had to go behind a car and lost a few seconds.

From then on he gradually pulled away. I went through half way in 13:49 and gradually caught up with a few runners on the second loop. A few of the faster runners went past me as well.

I was finding it hard to keep the pace up but finished fairly strongly! The second loop took me 14:15 so 26secs slower which wasn’t too bad considering how I was feeling. Katrina finished 26secs ahead of me.

So a good night and everyone takes home a prize … you bring a prize and take a different one home!

Christmas Handicap is down at the moment so no heart rate graphs I’m afraid!!

Here are the results …..

Christmas Handicap

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