Midweek runs

Wednesday – run home from work

I cycled to and from work on Tuesday and my inner thigh felt fine but I must admit I was a little apprehensive about how it would feel when I ran home from work on Wednesday night.  The last thing I really wanted was to have to take some days off at the beginning of the year.

The weather was pretty tough with rain and wind but in a strange way I like running in tougher conditions as it’s all good mental preparation as much as physical. It’s easy to ditch the run but if it was a race you can’t do that so learning to get through the tough conditions gives you an advantage if the weather is bad on race day.

I ran just over 7 miles home taking a slightly longer route and because I was basically heading in one main direction the wind and rain was in my face for the majority of the run. There were times when I was working as hard as I could just to keep moving forward!  I arrived home soaked to the skin but still with a smile on my face. The shower sure felt good.

route 01-07

I’m pleased to report that my inner thigh was absolutely fine so hopefully I’ve got away with that one.  I will need to build up the speed sessions on a Monday and not go off at full pace from the start.

Thursday – run into work

On the days I run into work I normally take the shortest route which is just under 6miles but I wanted to add another mile or so onto the run so ran down to the cycle track and then followed that to work. It’s a lovely route as part of it follows the River Cart so you feel as though you are in the country even though you are in the city of Glasgow. Plus the weather was mild, dry and not much wind.

route 01-08

My legs felt a bit heavy from the previous day’s run home but I soon settled into a steady pace. I started off with gloves, buff and windproof jacket but after 1 miles or so I soon had those off as I was overheating.  I never run very comfortably or well when I’m too warm and I definitely felt better when I put those in my rucksack.

My van is in Inverness at the moment as Jono is putting in the base for our bed so I’ve been cycling to and from work each day. Once I have the van back I might drive in Wednesday then run home and run in Thursday and drive home.  I think that would work out well. Plus if my diary allows I’ll cycle to and from work on Tuesday and Friday.  This would give me a good mix of running and cycling and save some diesel!!

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2 Responses to Midweek runs

  1. Hills4Thrills says:

    Really enjoyed reading your blog today. I’ll definitely return for more. Good job!

  2. Hills4Thrills says:

    Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed reading this and very inspirational. Now if only my injuries would go away so I can get back to running too!

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