Club Fartlek Session

I was a little cautious about last night’s Fartlek session after last week when I had some pain in my inner thigh. I was feeling fine but decided to take it steady for the first set and then pick it up after that if there was no reaction.

There were 6 of us in the group tonight including Euan C who was by far the fastest so he set the pace.

The session was 5 times [3min 45secs (90sec recovery), 2mins 15mins (1min)]. The first set I took it steady as planned and felt good so progressively pushed harder and was really pleased with my evenings run. It is good to report there was no reaction on my thigh.  It all seems a bit strange really!

fartlek 01-12I do like the fact that you can download the session and see objectively that I was running faster as the session progressed.

Lik many people I’ve been following the progress of the Spine Race which started on Saturday. There are two races 108 miles and 268 miles. Those in the longer race have 7 days to complete the journey along the Pennine Way which starts at Edale in the Peak District and finishes at Kirk Yetholm near Jedburgh in Scotland.

The weather has been horrendous and the organises have had to change the route a couple of times and enforce some stops on the runners so they miss the worse of the storms.

Each runner has a tracker so it’s great to be able to log on and see where they are.  I wish them all the best and hope they can make it to the end!


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