Midweek runs

My pattern of running home from work on Wednesday night and then running back to work in the morning worked well again this week. It also gave me the chance to decide whether I prefer running in the rain or the wind.

Wednesday – Tempo Run

I set off from Bellahouston Leisure at 4.15pm in the pouring rain and it rained the majority  of the way home. It wasn’t windy though so it felt okay. I find once you are wet it’s okay as long as you are warm enough. I took a photo when I got home which gives a sense of how wet I got! 01-14 John

I used the first mile as a warm up and then pushed harder for 5miles. I miscalculated the route a bit and ended up with a 2.47 miles cool down at the end rather than the mile I planned.  I was quite happy with the pace of the Tempo.

tempo 01-14a

I would like to try and get my tempo pace under 7mins but we’ll see!

Thursday – Recovery Run

I was out the house by 7.30am for my run back into work this morning. I had the opposite weather in that it was dry but very windy. Initially the wind was behind me and as I was basically running in one direction towards Glasgow I assumed that it would be behind me all the way but no!

The wind was swirling round and was definitely right in my face for a mile or so as I had to work pretty hard just to keep moving. One of the nice things about running to work is that by 8.30am my run is done and I don’t have to think about when I’m going to run!

I’ve decided based on these two runs that I would prefer to run in the rain rather the wind! The best option is neither and the worse both!!

Also as I’m not running on Fridays I have 2 days to recover before my weekend runs. Result!

At work today I decided to set up a work twitter account rather than use my personal one for work tweets so if you want to follow my work as an Active Schools Coorindator then follow @ActiveSchoolsJK

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