Weekend Runs and two goals

The snow finally hit Paisley over the weekend making my weekend runs a little more interesting.

Saturday – 11 mile run

I was up and out by 7.30am in the dark. The snow had fallen on Friday but thankfully it hadn’t frozen so it wasn’t too bad to run on. Infact I loved the crunchy sound it made underfoot.

I was hoping to run around 7:40 pace but once I realised I couldn’t really push off as it was a bit slippy I was content to run nice and steady and not worry about pace. I ended up running the 11.68 miles at 8:03 pace so quite happy with that.

The route I chose went through Linwood and Kilbarchan and back through Johntone.

route 01-17

I’ve enjoyed using Strava over the past year or so and Debs gave a quick lesson on how to upload photos onto a run. Basically you link Strava with Instagram and if you take a photo before, during or after the run it shows them on your run. So I tried it with a selfie once I got back from my run.

strava 01-17

Sunday – 8 mile run

For my run this morning the snow had turned to ice and so I had to be a lot more careful. Again I wasn’t too worried about the pace as I’d planned it to be a recovery/easy run.

I also took my iPhone as I wanted to take a couple of Instagram photos on route to see how they linked up with Strava.  The first one I took on the cycle path and you can see how icy it was. 01-19 01 cycle path

The second one os on the road past Dykbar Hospital which gives a nice view of the Kilpatrick Hills in the distance.01-19 02 road

I never lack for motivation with my running as basically I like to run and I’m happy to get out whatever the weather but I must admit I enjoy responding to various challenges sent my way.

At the moment there are two challenges that I’m keeping on top of. The first is my yearly challenge to run 2015 miles in 2015.  I’m keeping ahead of the red line after 18 days! 2015 miles 01-19

The second is Jantastic which is part of the Marathon Talk Podcast Motivation.  So far after 2 weeks I have achieved my 5 runs each week so I’m on target for 100%Jantastic 01-19

So a good solid week of 45.28 miles with a similar plan for this coming week. I just hope the ice melts on the pavements.

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2 Responses to Weekend Runs and two goals

  1. Ian Williams says:

    Hi John,

    Just wanted to say I always read your blog just rarely comment – I have some issues understanding WordPress logins. It’s always enjoyable and often inspiring to read of your runs as I recover from injuries and get back to running.

    Quick question – what shoes do you use in the ice? I went out today (Yorkshire, in Adidas Boost) and it was OK, but I do sometimes wonder about ice. I have some inov-8s but they’re overkill if I’m not on the grass/mud.

    • Hi Ian

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoy my blog!

      For my road running I wear Sketchers Go Run 2 if I’m doing a faster run (Tempo/Fartlek etc) or Hoka Conquest for easy runs. They were both okay when I ran over the weekend. I also have Kahtoolas which fit on the bottom of any shoe to help with the grip if it’s really icy. The problem is often on road runs it’s not all icy and they are a pain to take on and off!

      So basically I just run a bit slower and more carefully!

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