Midweek runs from and to work

This is my third week of trying out my running from work on a Wednesday and to work on a Thursday and it’s working really well.

Wednesday – Tempo run from work

The pavements are still quite icy but I was hoping that they would be okay to run on and if not I could run on the road. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the paths in Pollok Park had been gritted and quite a few of the pavements on the way home to Paisley.

There were a few places when the pavements were slippy so I ran on the road and didn’t get knocked over!

I was keen to do a Tempo run aiming for sub 7min per mile pace. I used the first mile as a warm up then tried to keep the pace as fast as I could knowing I wanted to do 6miles. The final mile and a bit were my cool down.

Tempo 01-21

I was happy with that.  I’m not wearing my HR start all the time now but I did wear it for this run and the resulting graph shows my increasing effort!

HR 01-21Thursday – recovery run into work

I went the same way as last week as it’s a lovely run on the cycle track and is the distance I’m aiming for.  It was pretty fresh and icy but once I’d warm up it was ideal running weather.

The paths were quite icy in places but as I was happy to slow down when it got too bad it was fine.  I enjoy the feeling of running to work, having a shower and then knowing that it is all done for the day!


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