Club Fartlek and Jantastic latest

Thankfully last night we were able to get back onto the cycle track for our Kilbarchan club Fartlek session. There were a good group of us including Leanne H. It was good to see her back.

The session was 3 x [3min (90sec recovery), 6min (2min)] then 3 x 1min (30sec)

The fastest in the group was Ewan C so I spent the session chasing him once he had gone past me.  Normally Leanne would be ahead of me but as she is just getting back I had the novelty of going past her! It won’t last long so I was making the most of it.

I’m always keen to get as close to 5miles for the 30mins on hard running and I was pretty close this week ….

fartlek 01-26

I like to wear my HR strap for these sessions as they give me a pretty pattern on the graph but also show me how hard I was working.

HR 01-26

If my max HR is around 170 which I think it is then an average HR of 149 means I was running at 87% of my maximum.  I reckon that’s a good effort in anyones book!

The 30sec recoveries at the end after the 1min efforts wasn’t enough to really recover but I think that’s the idea!

Our Kilbarchan AAC Jantastic team is doing well after 3 weeks …. Jantastic 01-27

The key thing in this table is that we are above Giffnock North !!!

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