Fartlek Club Session

It was still pretty icy on some of the road around Linwood so we decided to stay away from the cycle track as that would probably be lethal. So we ran to the Industrial estate again opposite ASDA and did our session there.

We had 6 in our group and unusually I was the quickest so everyone was chasing me this week! The session was 2 x [2min (1min recovery), 3min (90sec), 4min (2min), 3min (90sec), 2min (1min)] plus 2 x 1min (30sec).

I was hoping that I would get over 5miles for the 30min of running and once I’d got home and downloaded the stats from my Suunto this is what I saw …

fartlek 02-02

That is my first 5mile plus for 2015!  I was feeling strong and it was really encouraging as I ran 13 miles on the Braes yesterday morning. I definitely feel my fitness is improving at the moment.

Another factor is I have lost 12lbs since 1st January which really helps.  I’m enjoying using the MyFitnessPal app as it keeps me disciplined on what I’m eating.  I discovered the other day that you can scan in the food you are eating which is saving me loads of time! Before I was searching for the right product.

Katrina’s homemade meals are a bit of guess work with the app but I’m not complaining! Tonight we had a sweat potato and chicken bake that was delicious!

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2 Responses to Fartlek Club Session

  1. Great to see you hit your 5 miles in 30 minutes of intervals target once again. It seems another year in the bag isn’t slowing you down. I look forward to seeing how you get on with the Inverness Half, based on this session another sub 1:30 looks likely 🙂

  2. well done the weight loss John! I use My FItness Pal everyday just to keep track of things and the scanner function is really helpful.

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