VW Caddy Maxi Conversion

We bought a VW Caddy Maxi last August and have converted to hold a double bed in the back for our trips to ultra races and short holidays. I took some photos along the way and put them together in a video. It last 6mins 52secs …

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3 Responses to VW Caddy Maxi Conversion

  1. Kynon says:

    That looks like a fairly swish conversion job you’ve done there; I’ll be looking forward to hearing how your first go at using it in anger went!

    Questions – is the bed frame permanently fixed in, or could it be taken out (if, say, you had a need to use the van to transport something that was too big for a car)?

  2. Kynon says:

    Blast, pressed “post” too quickly.

    2nd question: How did you find the underbed storage space/drawers – is there enough room for all your kit, or does some of it have to be piled up in the back while you travel (e.g the awning etc)?

    Watching this has given me ideas for taking on a project of my own…

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