Club Fartlek Session

Firstly a bit of gutting news for us! After posting my video of how we had converted our van to be able to sleep in we woke on Monday morning to discover it had been stolen from our drive way over night over night.

As you can imagine we were really upset and feel sad after all the hard work we have put into getting it ready.  It’s only a van and no was hurt but it is really annoying.  The Police have said it’s a waiting game to see if it shows up on any of their cameras.

I posted this on Facebook … facebook post 02-16155 people have left comments and I also posted a photo of the van inside and out which has been shared by 200 people so maybe someone will see it and inform the Police.

We can only wait and hope but we are trying to stay positive but I do wonder whether we’ll see it again.

Monday went by in a bit of blur to be honest and it was hard to concentrate at work. It was good to go the club and have a good Fartlek session so I wasn’t thinking about it too much!

We had a good crowd last night including 3 students from Germany who are pretty quick runners. 36min 10k so they were leading the way.

The session was 3 x 4min (2min recovery), 3 x 3min (90sec), 3 x 2min (1min) and 3 x 1min (30sec). I wanted to push as hard as I could and then I plan to have 3 easier runs Wednesday , Thursday, Friday before the National Cross Country on Sunday.

Here are my stats for the session ….

fartlek 02-16So that’s another session when I ran over 5 miles for the 30mins.  I’m looking forward to seeing if the speed work I’ve been doing will help my ultra running when I really concentrate on that.

I had put down 10miles for my longest run for Jantastic this week so decided to run an extra 1.5miles to take me over 10miles.

So another good session!

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2 Responses to Club Fartlek Session

  1. Oh man, gutted for you. After all that work. Fingers crossed it’ll turn up unharmed.

    At least the quick pace during your Fartlek shows that your fitness hasn’t been too harmed by the stress.

  2. Ian Williams says:

    Sorry to hear that John.

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