Midweek runs

This week I wanted to keep working hard but also keep one eye on Sunday’s Scottish National Cross Country Race at Falkirk. I’ve only run the National Cross Country once in 2008 so I’m really looking forward to seeing how I get on. The venue is the same but the course is different this year.

route National XC 15

According to the Scottish Athletics Web site there are 883 Senior Men entered. When I did it in 2008 there were just under 400.

So this week I’ve run Wednesday and Thursday …

Wednesday – Easy Road Run

I ran at lunch time and felt good. I do find having Tuesday as a rest day after Monday’s Fartlek is working well as my legs are rested and ready to go again.

Thursday – Cross Country Rehearsal

I always like to have a rehearsal before a race so decided to have a run around Bellahouston Park with the shoes, socks and shorts I’ll be wearing on Sunday. I’m wearing my Inov-8 Talons but they are falling apart! I’ve run less than 200 miles and already the uppers are split at the sides.

So I put some tape around them to see if that would help hold them together. It sort of worked and I’m confident the shoes will last the race … but probably not much longer after Sunday.

route 02-19At one point it was hailing so maybe that will be good practice for Sunday you never know. I’m planning to have a very easy run on Saturday before Sunday’s race.

Our Kilbarchan AAC Jantastice team got a mention on this week’s Marathon Talk Podcast.  We are leading all the 1,941 teams after 6 weeks !! ….

Jantastic 02-19I wonder if we can stay there for the next 6 weeks!!

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1 Response to Midweek runs

  1. Sorry to hear the X-Talon’s 190’s are falling to bits. I have the more recent incarnation of 190’s (the oragne ones) and haven’t had problems so far, but haven’t got anywhere near 200 miles on them yet. The X-Talon 212’s have a rand arond them so will be better for take lots of abuse so might be the shoe to go for.

    One thing I’ve found that works on repairing the uppers of my inov-8 F-Lite’s that I wear for bulk of my training is to apply a little super glue over any parts of the upper that look like they are starting to fail. You have to be careful not to stick yourself to your shoes and leave them to dry away from anything that might fall and get stuck, but once it’s dry it seems to strengthen up the fabric really well. It does make it a little stiffer though to be careful about putting too much on that it’ll seem through to the inside and cause an abrasion point.

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