Last Fartlek Session for awhile

Last night there were 6 of us for our club Fartlek session. It was snowing a bit but we thought the cycle track should be okay. It was for most of the way but fairly slippy for some of it. We turned earlier than planned just after Bridge of Weir because it was getting worse.

The session was a good one with Sunday’s Half Marathon in mind. I was keen to get one more faster session in this week before easy runs on Wednesday and Friday as a mini-taper!

We ran 5mins (with 2min recovery) then 2mins 30secs (2min) x 4. I was chasing Euan the whole time which helped me run a bit faster. I always aim for 5 miles for the 30mins ‘on’ time but I knew this would be harder with the conditions plus the fact that it was longer reps …fartlek 03-02So I was very happy to see when I’d downloaded my Suunto that I’d just made it. Interestingly my HR for the 2.30 sets was lower than for the 5min rep. Was I not pushing hard enough?

That will be my last Fartlek session for awhile as I’ll be concentrating on my ultra training which for me involves longer back to back runs at the weekend and my weekly trip up and down Ben Lomond.

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1 Response to Last Fartlek Session for awhile

  1. Another impression session. I don’ think you can be too far of being capable of a 3hr marathon time. Matching Neal last weekend at the XC also suggests this, as Neal is now a sub 3hr runner. While you may never decide to run a marathon to test this out, the Loch Ness half will likely provide a rare glimpse of just what you are capable of on the road.

    The lower average HR during the later short sections is probably down to a combination of your pace being slightly slower, and it taking a bigger percentage of the interval to get up from you low HR during recovery and the high HR during the interval. Have look at the HR curves on strava and you’ll see a saw tooth, pattern that illustates this lag in HR vs pace.

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