Midweek Taper Runs

I opened my latest ‘Guess My Time’ Competition on Wednesday night and within 24hrs I had over 100 entries!  I think the prize of a Inov-8 RACE ULTRA SHELL Waterproof Jacket has something to do with it! Thanks to those who have entered.

You have two weeks to send in your entry but I’m only allowing one guess per time so if you want a specific time you’ll need to be quick!

I decided this week to just have a couple of easy runs this week as a mini-taper before Sunday’s Inverness Half Marathon.

Wednesday – Easy run after work

Fairly straight forward run. I felt a bit sluggish but I always do when I’m supposed to be taking it easy! I had to hold myself back a few times but still probably ran a bit quicker than planned.

Friday – Easy lunch time run

Another easy run around Pollok Park at lunch time. It was quite windy at times.  I spent the run thinking about Sunday’s half marathon. I’m really looking forward to it.

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